Monday, June 6, 2011

We're Ba-ack!

The Balls Out Domestic Club is BACK! And better than ever! With a bonafide farm (Megan), a house remodel (Krysten), and ... well, more disasters (Annie)... the BODC has lots to talk about. We may even have some new club members to show off! Please excuse the bloggy construction as we sort out the old blog, the old new blog, and the new new blog.

If you remember when we made the switch to wordpress, that was when things really picked up around here. Megan's Mike made us a sassy new logo/header and we were off and running. As has been the trend, when winter comes, we posted less... and then less... and then not at all for a bit. Then the domain expired, and here we are. Back to the free host, but without a year of ballsy goodness.

There will be spectacular old posts that are missing (Annie's Grandma Hooch and her limoncello, Krysten's compound butter, Megan's kale noodle recipe) - but we are still here! So if you don't find something you want, just ask!

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