Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things could be going better...

Well, my jars of peppers sealed! We even had dinner made with one chipotle pepper in adobo sauce. Pretty cool! Of course, we couldn't actually eat the dinner because it was WAY to spicy for us... and then I spent the entire night in bed wondering when I was going to die of botulism and whether or not botulism could pass through breastmilk. Sigh. I did stay away from Dr. Google though... so I don't actually know any of the symptoms of botulism. Aren't you all proud?

When the pepper lady comes to the farmers market next weekend, she will be bringing me several pounds of red jalapenos. I can hear you all now: "WHAT?!?! You are going to do that again? That four-day disaster? Again? Are you CRAZY?" Well... yup. I am going to do it again. But I have learned some things! It will be better this time! For starters, I am going to use red jalapeno peppers (the pepper lady says they are a little sweeter and less hot, which may make them edible for us!). Next, I am going to remove the seeds and stems from a few of them. This should make them less potent. Finally, I am not going to can them. Why not? Since you only use one or two at a time and they are preserved through drying, canning seems redundant.

I made this the other night - it was pretty good. I would recommend a few changes to the recipe though. Even though the tart pan is cool and fun to use, I think the crust would be better as crackers and the filling as a spread. Don't get me wrong, the tart was really, really good - just a little too much filling to crust.

So I was going to do a blog entry on sourdough. Really, I was. Megan called the other day for sourdough info and I was all set to blog away. I made more bread yesterday and took pictures and everything. But then, last night, as I was loading the bread into the fridge for its overnight stay, I dropped the loaves on the floor. Yeah, they were covered in plastic, but they still got a little... well... flat. And that is how they looked when they came out of the oven. Flat. I am sure they still taste fine. Ah well. In any case, KAF just blogged about sourdough. Check it out. I am guessing they didn't drop their loaves. If they did, they didn't admit to it. :)

Managed to make cheese this morning while Ava slept. I used whole milk and lemon juice. When it was all done I added chives from my garden. I hope it is good - I need a very clear cut success.

Hope you are both getting sleep...

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Megan said...

Some words to make you feel better: 1) I will be better this time. 2) Everybody drops bread on the floor (did you sit on the kitchen floor and cry? That's what I do). 3)You can save the too-spicy peppers to throw at bad guys: balls-out homemade pepper "spray." 4) There is no way botulism could survive in somethings that spicy. You could probably store it uncovered at room temperature and it would be fine.