Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nobody Blogs on a Holidy Weekend

Laura and I were so busy at work this week and we had no time to update the blog. We were going to write a statement about our blog project and what we thought the point of the blog is and why it got started. But we were SO busy we had no time at all. (Read this with sarcasm, not the busiest weekend ever, we just pooped out on it)

So I might write out a little something this week and see what you two think. I would love to have a statement to have as a permanent part of our blog. Just what is so important about feeding and taking care of our families, and taking so much time and effort doing it. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Also Grace and I have a very busy week coming up. Kindergarten starts the week after the other grades, so she doesn't go back until the 8th. We are going to make a ton of lunchbox food and frozen dinners and snacks. We also have a ton of cleaning to do before we go on vacation so the house can be clean for the dog sitter. I think we will be playing an extended game of "Cinderella."

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