Sunday, November 2, 2008

So, my bread turned out great.  I made with 100% whole wheat flour and added a little big of gluten to it for a nice rise and potato flour to keep it moist.  (So, I cheat?  Got a problem with it?)  My husband just declared it to be the best bread he's ever had, so I guess I did okay.  

This week my goal is to use my trifle dish that I got when I got married and have never used since.  I'm making red white and blue trifle for Megan's election party.  This also means that I get to make pound cake, which I have never made either.  Or maybe angel food cake?  What's the vote?

Finally, at church I saw someone with a GORGEOUS baby blanket, and I've decided I'm getting some fabric and making a quilt this week too.  I've been thinking a lot about making super-easy quilts for my unit at work.  The babies at work always look so bland and sad on the white sheets and blankets, and some colorful quilts would really be cute.  We usually have quite a supply, but we've been running low lately.  So maybe I'll make some of those too.  I could probably pound one out in an hour, so it's not a huge time commitment.  We'll see.  

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