Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today I made lemon pound cake, tortilla soup and bought fabric for baby quilts.  Look at me be domestic!

However, I've realized that I have a huge problem when I cook - I don't read ahead in the recipe.  "Oh, oops!  The sugar was supposed to get mixed with the eggs!"  Dump that one down the drain and try again.  Oh well.  One day I will learn, but probably not any time soon.  

Megan gave me an awesome recipe for lemon curd cream, so I'm going to put that in between the layers of my trifle.  You can look forward to a post about me having an OCD meltdown when my trifle doesn't look exactly perfect.  I can already feel it coming on.

Finally, like I mentioned, I made tortilla soup for dinner and sadly realized that I had bought flat leafed parsley instead of cilantro for my soup.  :(  For a second I thought it was the weirdest tasting cilantro ever.  And then I laughed.

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