Monday, August 25, 2008

The Goods

I know, I arranged it so artistically.  :)  Megan and I spent about five hours today wandering around Portland digging up canning supplies.  We did quite well!  We found canning jars for six dollars a dozen, a canning kettle, a tomato strainer, pickling crocks, basically everything we need.  Now comes the fun part!  The canning!  Don't worry Annie, we'll be posting every step along the way.  (And yes, every time I open a new bottle of homemade applesauce I wonder very briefly if this one has botulism and will kill me.  But it tastes so good).

We bought the pickling crocks off of Craigslist, and Megan swears the guy had Aspergers.  I think she's right.  I've never met a man who had SO MUCH canning stuff and knew so much about it (and could be that pompous about it too).  Oh well.  He didn't try to lure us into his garage and kill us, so that counts for something, right?


Annie said...

What is a pickling crock and why do I need one? :) And I am so glad to know that someone else thinks about botulism.

Megan said...

I also think about botulism! (I just trust acid and heat to kill it). You probably don't need a pickling crock, but I do. It's just a big ole stoneware jar to pickle and brine stuff in. I am going to make a few varieties of sauerkraut and several other brine-ey delicious veggies. I think my German heritage is manifested by a love for anything brined or in a casing. Mmmmm. If you are good all year maybe you will get some for Christmas!